KBD Juniors 2023: A Launchpad for Young Kabaddi Talent

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KBD Juniors 2023 is a popular Indian kabaddi competition for school children. Organised by Star Sports, the broadcast partner for Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), it aims to identify and nurture young kabaddi talent across the country. This blog post will explore the history, format, and impact of KBD Juniors on the sport of kabaddi, and answer some frequently asked questions about the competition.

History of KBD (KABADDI) Juniors

KBD Juniors was launched in 2016 and has since become one of the most anticipated events in the Indian kabaddi calendar. The inaugural season saw participation from over 1000 schools across India, showcasing the immense talent pool in the country. Over the years, the competition has grown in popularity, attracting even more schools and young players.

Format of the Competition

KBD Juniors is a multi-stage competition that culminates in a grand finale. Schools compete at the regional level, with the winners progressing to the national finals. The matches are played according to the standard kabaddi rules, with each team having seven players on the court at any given time. The competition is divided into two categories: U-14 and U-17, further providing opportunities for young players of different age groups.

But In 2023 no age group categories and no school compete on regional level . Star sports directly invite 8 school for kbd juniors.

Impact of KBD Juniors

KBD Juniors has played a significant role in promoting the sport of kabaddi among young people. It has provided a platform for talented players to showcase their skills and gain national recognition. Many KBD Juniors alumni have gone on to play professionally in the Pro Kabaddi League, demonstrating the competition’s effectiveness in identifying and nurturing future stars.

Here are some of the key impacts of KBD Juniors:

Increased participation in kabaddi at the school level.
Identification and development of young kabaddi talent.
Improved quality of kabaddi played by young players.
Increased awareness and popularity of kabaddi among the general public.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When will KBD Juniors 2023 start?

The official start date for KBD Juniors 2023 is 5 December in Ahmedabad . However, based on previous years, the competition typically begins in September or October. Keep an eye on the KBD Juniors( Pilanias.kabaddi instagram Page) and social media channels for updates and announcements.

City Wise Date – Ahmedabad – 5 dec 2023 , Bangalore- 12 december 2023, Pune – 19 december 2023, Chennai – 26 december 2023, Noida – 2 january 2024, Mumbai – 9 January 2024, Jaipur – 16 January 2024, Hyderabad – 23 January 2024, Patna – 30 January 2024, Delhi – 6 Februray 2024, Kolkata – 13 Februray 2024, Panchkula – 20 Februray 2024,

  1. How can my school register for KBD Juniors 2023?

(Before 2023) The registration process for KBD Juniors typically opens a few months before the start of the competition. Information about registration, including eligibility criteria and deadlines, will be available on the official Star sports website. Schools can expect to register online through a dedicated portal.

But in 2023 there is not any registration process. Star Sports directly invite top school of kabaddi from the city.

  1. What are the eligibility requirements for participating in KBD Juniors?

(before 2023) Schools must meet specific criteria to participate in KBD Juniors. These criteria may include:

Having a dedicated kabaddi team.
Providing proper training facilities and equipment.
Complying with all rules and regulations of the competition.

  1. What are the prizes for winning KBD Juniors?

The winners of KBD Juniors receive valuable prizes, which may include:

Trophies and medals.
Sponsorship opportunities.
The opportunity to train with professional kabaddi players.

  1. How can I stay updated on the latest KBD Juniors news?

You can stay updated on the Our (Pilania’s) WEBSITE by following these steps:

Visit the official Our website.
Follow pilanias.com_ and Pilanias.kabaddi on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Check sports news websites and publications regularly.

KBD Juniors is a valuable initiative that is making a positive impact on the sport of kabaddi. By providing young players with a platform to compete and hone their skills, it is helping to ensure the future of kabaddi in India.

We encourage all schools and young kabaddi players to participate in KBD Juniors and contribute to the growth and development of this exciting sport.

Please feel free to leave any questions you have about KBD Juniors in the comments section below.

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